Dec 13

826 National Helps Teens with their Personal Brand for College Apps

An organization I absolutely love, 826 National has just put on a “Great Personal Statement” event where they helped high school seniors work on their personal brand to stand out in college applications.

826 National uses eight very uniqe storefronts around the country designed to generate interest in kids (the one in Chicago is a Spy Store!) so they come to the after-school tutorial/ reading/ writing classes.

From their Great Personal Statement Event: “Quick – tell us what makes you worthy and unique in 1,000 words or less! This is the difficult task confronting high school seniors every year as they work on their college applications. We at 826 know that there is so much riding on those 1,000 words, so we wanted to help.

In the middle of November, 826 Valencia and 826LA each hosted a “Great Personal Statement” event, where students received one-on-one tutoring attention to help them articulate their awesomeness and produce polished, thoughtful college admissions essays.”

I love that these students are working on their Personal Brand at such an early age – as our clients know, everything about your success depends on being able to get the attention of your ideal target audience, and whether that’s college admissions people or a potential client, the work is the same.

The 826 Stores include the Pirate Supply Store in San Francisco, the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. in NYC, the Echo Park Time Travel Mart in L.A., The Boring Store in Chicago, Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. in Seattle, Liberty Street Robot Supply and Repair Store in Ann Arbor, The Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute and The Museum of Unnatural History in Washington, D. C.

From their website: “To raise funds, inspire creativity, and advertise our programs to the local community, most of our centers include a street-front retail store filled with unusual products, entertaining signage, and, of course, our books for sale.

San Francisco’s pirate supply store sells glass eyes and one-of-a-kind peglegs, 826NYC’s Superhero Supply Company offers custom-fit capes, Seattle’s Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company sells all your space commuting appurtenances, 826michigan’s Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair Shop specializes in must-have mechanical conveniences, while 826LA features a time travel store, there’s a secret agent supply store in Chicago, and the Cryptozoology shop in Boston is now open!”

And I know some of you could really use their Emergency Novel-Finishing Kit! Check out their other goodies in the 826 National Store or in their catalog.

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