Aug 24

Automatically Add Blog Posts to your Facebook Page

If you’re going to the trouble of writing a blog, you should make sure that it gets as much traction with your audience, whether they prefer to visit you at your blog or elsewhere on the web. Today we’re going to add our blog posts to your Facebook Page (not your personal Profile, but your business Page) automatically.

We’re going to do this by having Facebook search for your blog’s RSS feed, which is a bit like having TiVo watch for latest episodes of your favorite shows. We’re going to tell Facebook what to look for (your RSS Feed), and when you post a new blog item, Facebook will grab it and post it to your Page as well.

Find your RSS Feed Address

  • Let’s start by figuring out your Blog’s RSS Feed URL. Visit your website and click on RSS symbol in the URL address bar, usually orange or blue. On the screen that pops up, look for a URL that almost matches yours but with RSS or Feed in the link. Often it is just your web address with “/feed” at the end, like this:
  • Copy and paste this feed address for later use

Check to See if the App is Installed

Next you want to see if you already have the Application (aka “App”) you need installed on Facebook. Probably not, but worth a look.

  • Go to your Facebook Home Page, click “Ads and Pages” from the column under your Profile photo.
  • Under the Page we’re trying to update (if you have more than one) click Edit Page.
  • Scroll down to Applications and see if you have the Blog RSS Feed Reader Installed:

  • If not, don’t worry, you just need to scroll to the bottom of that screen and click Browse More:
  • In the upper left corner of the next screen, type Blog RSS Feed Reader in the search bar, and click the Blog RSS Feed Reader Application when it appears in the column to the right.

Add the App to your Facebook Page

  • On the Blog RSS Feed Reader Application Page, in the left column, click Add to my Page, and on the next page, beside the Page we’re trying to edit, click Add to Page again:

Edit the App to Display your RSS Feed

  • Now go back to your the Edit Page section (Home > Ads and Pages > Edit Page) and underneath your new Blog RSS Feed Reader App, click Edit.

  • On the next screen, enter your RSS feed URL that we discovered in the first step, edit any other settings as you see fit (default is fine) and click Save Settings:

Facebook should go back and grab the last 10 blog posts and populate them on your Facebook Page. It can take a while the first time, so be patient. Now anytime your blog is updated, your Facebook Page is as well! Consider repeating the steps on your Facebook Profile (your personal page) if the content of the blog is a good fit not just for your Page’s Fans, but also your Profile Friends.

And, as always, let us know if you have questions!

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