Nov 26

Bitcoins Can Take You To Space But What Is A Bitcoin?

Richard Branson just announced he is accepting Bitcoins as payment for his future space travel business. “Virgin Galactic is one of the universe’s most exciting, futuristic companies. Bitcoin, the virtual currency, has really captured the imagination recently as one of the world’s most innovative businesses looking to the future. So we think it is about time Virgin Galactic customers can choose to pay with bitcoins.” For $250,00 US, or a little more than 300 Bitcoins, you too can experience the thrill of spaceflight.  He has already sold one ticket to a female flight attendant from Hawaii.


But how does one get a Bitcoin? What is a Bitcoin? What other things can you buy with Bitcoins? What are they worth? Check out the video below for a little crash course in the digital currency. Still confused? Here is an older video that also goes deeper into what Bitcoins are. Happy mining!

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