Oct 25

Creative Mornings: Play with Mikal Hart

Mikal Hart @ Creative MorningsToday at the Capital Factory in downtown Austin Mikal Hart discussed his “quest poetry” for the Creative Mornings speaker series. These quests involve taking a box equipped with a GPS transmitter to a specific location(s) so it can be opened to revel what is inside. His reverse geocache puzzle boxes have become a popular way for people to propose or give gifts to loved ones and friends.

Here is an article he wrote on the first one he gave to a couple for their wedding. He also made a special quest for three lucky winners of special Creative Mornings Austin puzzle boxes to be opened on Wednesday, October 30th, at 8PM. It will be interesting to see what he has put into these beautifully handcrafted boxes (pictured above).

If you are interested in attending one of the Creative Morning sessions you can find out more here.

UPDATE: The boxes were opened as planned on Oct 30th according to this tweet.

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