Jul 15

Death to “Lorem Ipsum”: Putting Content First When Redesigning Your Website

Lorem Ipsum WireframeIt is time to rebuild your website. Wireframes are built. Color schemes and fonts decided on. Widgets are tinkered with. Finally when it comes time to launch there is a mad scramble to input content into a site not designed for the messaging. The website goes over-budget and under-perfoms.

Jenny Magic,  our VP of Content Strategy at SiteGoals, discusses the ‘Lorem Ipsum’ conundrum of website content design in an interview with Brian Massey. She talks about the timing of content creation when planning a great website:

“The content strategist doesn’t just ask about form and function. It’s their job is to get clarity about the client’s larger business goals, key performance indicators, conversion metrics, and existing content resources. Content resources might be existing content we can work with, staff responsible for content, or both. The strategist’s job is to plan for and create great content.”

Read the full interview here: Translating ‘Lorem Ipsum’: This Site Is in Trouble


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