Jun 04

Can’t-Miss Event: Content Marketing World 2012

More bang for your buck!  That seems to be the siren call for businesses and individuals alike as we slowly climb out of the shaky economy of the last few years.  So, why would  your company want to spend hard earned money on a trip to another conference?

Because this is not just another conference – this is Content Marketing World! 

Your company can’t just sit and wait for new customers to appear, or just hope that your current customers will stay with you.  You have to learn new ways to serve current clients and make new ones.  CMW 2012 is 3 days of deep digging workshops and seminars specifically targeting those things that will most help your company grow and build revenue.

The bottom line is always the bottom line.  Content Marketing World understands that and they have created a great set of workshops and seminars that will create the most impact on your bottom line – revenue.

Here is just a sample of the sessions and the information CMW 2012 will cover:

  • Creating a workable strategy that can make immediate impact for your brand
  • Learning from the best content marketing examples on the planet
  • Tactics and strategies for helping your content be found
  • Content marketing for video, podcasts, mobile marketing, SlideShare, Twitter, Facebook and more

Again, this is just a small sample of what you will hear at CMW2012 and it is easy to see how the ROI for attending this event can go through the roof!  Learn more about the agenda and sessions here.

As an added bonus, our very own, Jenny Magic, will be speaking at CMW2012!  She will be sharing her knowledge in a session called:  Defending Your Content Marketing & Social Media to the C-Level.  Learn more about Jenny and the other Content Marketing World 2012 speakers.

We hope to see you there! If you can’t be there in person, be sure to follow #CMWorld on Twitter and check the Content Marketing World website for live updates.

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