Apr 16

Fast Company Asks: Do You Need a Content Strategist?

I’m always thoroughly excited to see Content Strategy get a little mainstream attention – this week it’s from FastCompany, and it features expert advice from favorites like Kristina Halvorson of Brain Traffic and Jeffrey MacIntyre of Predicate on why Content Strategy might seem like a new field but it’s built on an obvious idea – that your message matters. Right on, fellow Content people!

Some highlights from a great piece:

“Once companies recognize that every piece of data they create; news, PR, how-to info, Twitter feeds, needs to fit into a context framework, then they’re ready for an “intervention” of sorts.”

“But in the new world of content absorbing PR, Marketing, CRM functions, media relations, support, corporate and investor relations, Content comes out of the back room and moves to the front page–content is the “face” of the always-on corporation. So, Content Strategy takes on a mission critical role for all public functions.”

Don’t miss the rest of this great piece at the Fast Company website: http://www.fastcompany.com/1614032/filter-or-be-flooded-do-you-need-a-content-strategist

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