Sep 16

Finally! DIY Help for Making Simple, Findable Websites

We build simple, findable websites on the WordPress Platform.

We take businesses through the process of buying a domain, setting up email accounts, buying web hosting, and a installing a content management system (WordPress) that makes updating site content as easy as writing an email. Then we customize the site layout, video, and images to make each site reflect the brand of the company behind it. All for less than $1,000. And this week we released a free website guide that tells all our secrets, if you’re more of the DIY-type.

Our clients love us because they understand that it’s not fancy tricks that make a good website, but clear, findable content that does it’s job. That’s what we deliver, for a fraction of the standard industry cost (or free, if you just want to follow our guide!).

Why Another Company?

Good Like Kung Fu was born out of necessity; a number of Better Way to Say It clients needed more than just better content – they needed a better infrastructure. All the great content in the world won’t draw people to their site if they can’t find it, and many existing sites shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

BWSI was already tinkering with a number of client’s websites, and with the addition of an SEO and all-things-technical guru, Good Like Kung Fu was born.

What’s with the Name?

My four-year-old neighbor is used the phrase, “Good Like Kung Fu” to describe a piece of pizza that was apparently the best he’d ever had. We’re pretty sure he doesn’t even know what Kung Fu is, and we laughed until it hurt at his pronouncement.

Somehow the phrase stuck, and our little tribe now uses it to describe anything that is best in class, mind-blowing, or just the bee’s knees. We think Good Like Kung Fu websites are about as good as they come, so the name fit pretty well. And it’s hard to forget 🙂

I hope you’ll come by and check out what we’re doing!

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