Oct 02

How SEO Helped Me Dominate My Blogging Niche in 3 Months

Join us at the last Austin Content Marketing Meetup of 2012!

Writing unique and interesting content online while ignoring search engines is like sticking a billboard in your basement.

You’re investing an incredible amount of time and resources into your website or blog; make sure you have something to show for it.

Speaking from personal experience as an SEO expertand author of the popular local blog, The Austinot, Eric Highland will share practical tips on how you can make search engine optimization work with your content, for increased traffic and a stronger online community.

Did you know that you can tell Google how to list your website on search engine results pages? Take advantage of this opportunity by learning what Google looks for, including important character limits and keyword placement.

About Eric

Eric Highland is an Internet marketing strategist for small businesses and individuals. He has been a national and international level panel speaker on social media. Specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), he focuses on generating organic traffic and manages locally-focused blog, The Austinot.

He’s a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, and has been a professional boxing promoter and event coordinator, with over a decade of experience in producing world class boxing matches. And he also plays a mean game of disc golf.

Follow him on Twitter here: @EricHighland and @Knektion

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