Jul 18

Don’t Let Your Brand’s Social Media ROI Keep You Up At Night

Return on investment. It is the driving force of a brand’s expenditures on ads, media, PR, and social media. Brands such as MasterCard, Nissan, and Coca-Cola can’t specifically tie investments in social media to be a causal factor to increases in the bottom line.

So why do it?

Jack Marshall of Digiday discusses in his article why brands believe in social media. Adam Broitman, MasterCard’s vp of global digital marketing, believes brands can save money spent on focus groups and research by using social media. “For us it doesn’t have to be an exact science. If people are talking about our brand in a favorable way, that’s good enough.”

For businesses, looking at the impressions and engagement of social media, it shows that it is like any other media such as television with more of an indirect impact to sales.

Our own social media shows potential clients a glimpse of the personality of the team at SiteGoals instead of making a sales pitch.

Read the full article here: Why Brands Don’t Sweat ROI

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