Nov 22

Jenny Lemmons Magic in San Diego Business Journal

I was pleased to be asked to weigh in as a branding expert on the ROI of paying to display your company name on high-rise buildings and stadiums. They even let me have the last word.

“If it conveys credibility and strength and solvency, it could make a big difference if it prevents 2% of your clientele from leaving and taking their business somewhere else,” said Jenny Lemmons Magic, principal of the San Diego marketing firm Better Way to Say It. “But usually the types of companies that do this have huge marketing budgets, and the sign on the building is just one of several elements of their marketing,” said Magic, who has advised clients in the Dallas and San Diego areas.

Read the full article here: San Diego Business Journal, “Companies Must Consider the Highs & Lows of Naming Rights,” November 22, 2010 (subscription required)

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