Jan 31

Odd & Awesome: Commercials of the Super Bowl

Hand with TV Remote, Beer, Chips and footballIt’s that time of year. Super Bowl XLVIII. The big game. Maybe your favorite team is playing. Maybe not. One thing is certain and that the big advertisers are playing for your attention and have that come up with some great and not-so great ads. Doritos had a competition again this year letting you vote on which one would make it to air, leaving the success of the ad in our hands. (You can see the finalists here) Some brands did teasers, others released the full commercial to get us talking about their product days before. You can watch most of the ads and teasers here but our team of branding experts and commercial aficionados at SiteGoals took a look through all of these and came up with some favorites. We’ve even thrown in some classics from previous Super Bowls. Grab your beverage of choice, grab that bag of chips and get comfortable. Here is this week’s Odd & Awesome: Commercials of the Super Bowl!

Our Favorite Commercial Picks for Super Bowl XLVIII



Volkswagon never fails to make an impact and this year’s commercial will have you cracking jokes with the last line until next Super Bowl and is the favorite of our Project Manager Korin, who was only 20k miles shy of  having rainbows shoot out their butts with her last Volkswagon.


Cheerios revisits one of their most discussed ad campaigns that earlier in the year had them disabling comments on their YouTube channel. Just like their first ad  featuring Gracie this one pulls at your heart strings with the animated face of the little girl. This is the favorite of our Director of Social Media Sweet John.

Cowboy Kid

This Dorito’s finalist is the favorite of our VP of Content Strategy Jenny and Design Lead James. Let’s hope Cowboy Kid is the one chosen to air during the Super Bowl.

Donnie Llama

The teaser ad was used by many companies who didn’t want to reveal their hand and this one just makes us want to see what will air on game day. This is a favorite of our Founder Simon.


Audi may have hit a home run with this ad featuring animal activist and singer Sarah McLachlan. Beware the doberhuahua! This is the favorite of our Software Architect Jonathon.

Puppy Love

If you don’t grab a box of tissues after seeing this ad there is something wrong with you. Everyone in the office loved this one. So will you.

The Hoax Everyone Will Be Talking About



Swiffle, a supposed vacuum coming out in February, tests the boundaries with humor on stereotypes. Calling this one as the hoax that will get many.

The Ones That Won’t Air


SodaStream’s Banned Ad

You can’t make fun of Coca-Cola or Pepsi in your ad or it will get pulled. The media will cover your ad and discuss its merits. Social media will make it a trending topic. Well played SodaStream. Well played.

The Best Commercial Not To Be A Super Bowl Commercial. Ever.

This ad for Newcastle Brown Ale isn’t an ad at all and is amazing. Anna Kendrick, we hope you get your own Super Bowl commercial next year!

Enjoy the game and may the best ad win! Can’t wait to see the ones that haven’t aired yet. Feel free to comment on which ones were your favorites!

Bonus: The Classics

Take a look back at some of these classics for the previous Super Bowls. We could go on for days with favorites but here are a few that we thought stood out.

The Force

Where’s The Beef

Squirrel VS Car

Cat Herders

If you would like to submit a link, picture, or video that you think should be featured email us here. Don’t forget to check our blog each week for the next episode of Odd & Awesome!

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