Jan 24

Odd & Awesome: January 24th

Welcome back to Odd & Awesome where each week we post some unique internet finds. This week we could have dedicated a whole page to Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks but this version of his Gmail account pretty much covers it. Be sure to check back next week for our Odd & Awesome: Commercials of the Super Bowl which will feature our picks of some of the best commercials of years past and present.  See you then. Now let’s  into this week’s finds!


Never Take Your Eye Off the Ball

This kid takes a straight shot to the face and continues on. Very awesome!


Twerking Leads To The Dark Side

Stormtroopers and twerking. This is one where you want to turn away but you just can’t.


It Is All About The Journey

This Bachelor film project from The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark is simply amazing. It tells a wonderful story and is beautifully animated. One of those videos you share with a close friend.


Simon Redux Is Awesome

Take the 80’s game Simon, give it a touch interface, and it is ready to make a comeback.

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