Nov 22

Odd & Awesome: Week 13 – We Love Comics Edition

Welcome once again to Odd & Awesome, our weekly column of interesting internet items, this week’s theme is honoring the comic book. There is a lot of love for comics inside the walls of the SiteGoals office, and we are going to share our passion this imaginative art form; The comic book.

It Takes a Lot Of Hard Work To Make Comics

Jim Lee is a world-renowned comic book artist, editor, writer, and publisher. Lee has worked for Marvel, DC, and Image Comics. Jim Lee knows comics. But that wasn’t always the case. When he first started out he got rejection letter after rejection letter. Lee also has said their critiques of his work were correct. Did he quit? No. Lee kept at it and lucky for us he did. Jim Lee penciled and co-wrote (with Chris Claremont) the best-selling comic of all-time, the X-Men #1 (vol 2). Just imagine if he would have quit! You can see the other rejection letters and photos of the art he creates on his Instagram feed here.

Batman VS Superman

The iconic clip above is from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Frank Miller has been credited for inspiring many of the current creators of comic book art. His work on 300, Sin City. Ronin, and The Dark Knight Returns have all been successful. But it is that special moment in The Dark Knight Returns that comic book fans have been waiting for to finally see as a live action film on the big screen. A fight between Batman and Superman. The Man Of Steel’s director Zack Snyder has been pretty tight-lipped about the upcoming film but this reveal from Comic-Con San Diego 2013 has the fans really excited. All we can say is, “Zack Snyder, you must hurry.”

But I Haven’t Read A Comic In Forever, Where Do I Begin

Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

If you haven’t read a comic book in a while the choices can be overwhelming. Graphic novels and multi-issue volumes are a good place to start if you want to read an entire story arc. You can also peruse this list of 60 Comics Everyone Should Read from BuzzFeed if you are still having trouble.

simonerich_newOur CCO Simon Erich, who has worked for Valiant, DC, and Marvel comics, recommends Saga and Rachel Rising for the avid fan. A fan of both series, Simon had this to say: “Saga is the current ‘darling’ comic that everyone is raving about, and for good reason. The story chronicles the love between two soldiers from opposing armies in a remarkable, unapologetic alternate universe. Read this, you will fall in love with it. Mature content. Rachel Rising is by Terry Moore, who has always been really good at writing relationship stories as proven in his long (1993-2007) running comic Strangers in Paradise. This is no different, except this time it’s a highly entertaining twist on the ever-so-popular zombie story. Rachel wakes up one morning buried in a shallow grave with ligature marks around her neck and blood red eyes. Other than that, she seems completely normal except for one thing — she’s dead. Beautiful art, great writing, and some incredible character development make this a special read.”

Simon also recommends this article about Sergio Aragones and the Art of Pantomime Cartooning. “Sergio is a true artistic legend that many people may have seen (Mad Magazine) but few think about. Groo the Wanderer is a world that should be animated at the very least (or a movie).”

Then again, if you are looking for something a little more lighthearted there is always a good ol’ Archie or Richie Rich comic books too. (and there is nothing wrong with those so don’t let anyone tell you differently)

See you next week for a special Thanksgiving Day edition of  Odd & Awesome!

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