Oct 25

Odd & Awesome: Week 9 – Halloween Spooktacular!

Halloween is upon us. This week’s Odd & Awesome is dedicated to the last day of October. So many great costumes, videos, and stories have been posted over the years it was hard to choose. After getting your yearly fix on Michael Jackson’s Thriller check out this week’s chosen haunts!

This Costume > Your Costume

Royce Hutain made an LED costume for his 22 month old daughter and single handedly won the internet with what might be one of the most original costumes ever. The little girl’s sheer delight in running around wearing this costume reminds all of us why we love Halloween so much.

Ellen DeGeneres Is The Best/Worst Boss Ever

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her love of Halloween. This year she sent her writer Amy and Executive Producer Andy to Universal Studios The Walking Dead Maze. Many of us have wanted to use a friend as a human shield in a haunted house but none have done it as well as Andy does here.

How Will You Celebrate Halloween?

What are you planning on being this year? Breaking Bad? What Does The Fox Say group costume? Halloween lets us have fun and get a little crazy! Choosing a costumes can be pretty hard for some, but not Harrison Ford, who can be a pea pod and still be awesome. This is what makes costume contests so much fun!

One thing that many take for granted is pumpkin carving/painting. Some of the best have been of the more nerd-tastic variety. There is nothing like walking along the streets at night and seeing these wonderful glowing sculptures on everyone’s porch that last less than a week.

We hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and from all of us at SiteGoals may it be filled with your favorite candy and plenty of scares! If you have some great Halloween ideas be sure to post them in the comments.

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