Nov 24

PRESS: Confessions of a Content Strategist

Our own Jenny Magic, Principal and VP of Content Strategy, was recently interviewed by the popular content blog “Online It ALL Matters.” In the article, Jenny describes how she ‘stumbled into’ becoming a content strategist and how she got a foothold early as an entrepreneur by addressing the biggest headache most website developers face: how many sites are late and over budget because of content?

The interview, conducted by Washington D.C.-based content strategist Ahava Leibtag also brings up a newer concept of content engineers. This emerging role serves to bridge the gap between marketers and technologists. Content engineers are currently pretty rare people who actually understand the technology behind most of the latest-and-greatest marketing technology and content development platforms. This is becoming even more important as personalized content comes into play. The end team effort is giving way to a marketing revolution in customized content and product reach.

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