Jun 27

Smaller, Smaller, Gone… Responsive Design & Content

I went to a meeting yesterday of the Austin Web Developer Lunch where the discussion was Responsive Design.  In other words, how do you make a website that somebody can happily look at on his big screen TV and also on his iPhone? It was pretty innovative, the way the right coding makes elements disappear from the screen as it shrinks…goodbye big photo! Goodbye advertisement! Smaller, smaller, until there’s just a strip of content in the middle, like a runway for a toy plane.

But while these guys were mostly concerned about the coding, content strategy questions kept popping up for me. I was thinking Wait a minute, how is that advertiser going to feel about his ad disappearing…pop! Right off the screen?

And if you are shrinking the screen, do you reduce the written content as well as erase photos or videos? And for heaven’s sake, what will the SEO guys say about that?

They didn’t have answers, of course. Their job is to make stuff shrink and grow without winding up with half a photo of someone’s face.  But it’s something content providers and customers need to think about.

If your content is shrunk down to the smallest format to fit on someone’s smart phone—and we all know mobile is the wave of the future–what must be there if the page is brought to its most Lilliputian dimensions?

I know we’ll be thinking about it.

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