Aug 15

Social Media for “Boring” Businesses – Austin Content Marketing Meetup 8/24

Social media is a great way to drive engagement and find new customers, but what if you’re running a “boring” business?

If your business doesn’t have obvious social media appeal, taking advantage of these opportunities can be a big challenge.

Join us Friday, August 24th as we interview David Vogelpohl, founder and CEO of Marketing Clique, to talk about how niche businesses can get the most out of their social media campaigns.  You’ll learn how to create an effective and engaging social media presence that can generate more revenue for your business!

David Vogelpohl the founder and CEO of Marketing Clique, an online marketing and development agency which helps clients build websites, create web applications, develop mobile applications and manage online marketing campaigns.

David has 16 years of web development and online marketing experience and is a speaker at national conferences like PubCon, Affiliate Summit and WordCamp.

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