Year: 2009

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Dec 09

Content Strategist as Digital Curator

This article really nails it – a content strategist is a curator for all your digital offerings (content, images, resources, etc.) the way that a museum curator selects, arranges and presents physical offerings for display in their space. If you still have questions about why you need a content strategist, this can help:

Sep 16

Finally! DIY Help for Making Simple, Findable Websites

We build simple, findable websites on the WordPress Platform. We take businesses through the process of buying a domain, setting up email accounts, buying web hosting, and a installing a content management system (WordPress) that makes updating site content as easy as writing an email. Then we customize the site layout, video, and images to […]

Feb 26

TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company partners with SiteGoals for Web site redesign

TECO-Westinghouse, a world-wide leader in electric motor manufacturing, has chosen local web design company SiteGoals to conduct its multi-phase Web site redesign. SiteGoals has completed the first phase of the project by designing a user-friendly Web interface that provides company and product information with minimum page clicks. “Our new Web site will help TECO-Westinghouse better […]