Month: April 2010

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Apr 16

Fast Company Asks: Do You Need a Content Strategist?

I’m always thoroughly excited to see Content Strategy get a little mainstream attention – this week it’s from FastCompany, and it features expert advice from favorites like Kristina Halvorson of Brain Traffic and Jeffrey MacIntyre of Predicate on why Content Strategy might seem like a new field but it’s built on an obvious idea – […]

Apr 07

How Google Decides to Rank Your Site (or Not)

One of our clients just requested an SEO proposal to help them rank for a very general term (“neck pain”). This is a request we get a lot, but never honor, because it’s usually in the worst interest of the client to do so. Wanna know why? Read on: (This is a bit of an […]

Apr 02

Tips for Finding Target Sites for Backlinks

So you read why backlinks matter and you’ve got the backlink basics down. Now where do you find the right sites to request a backlink from? There are several ways to find places to put a link: See which sites have links to your competitors’ sites. The Firefox AddOn SearchStatus is a great tool to […]