Month: July 2010

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Jul 14

Longhorn Health

Longhorn Health is one of the leading distributors for home health supplies in Texas and we’re excited to start working on a backend system for them. Without giving too much away, for anyone that has ever worked with Durable Medical Equipment and other Medicaid/Medicare covered orders (and I have), this will be a dream come […]

Jul 11

Top 10 Tools for Getting Attention Online

Lunch & Learn August 25th, 2010 Are you looking to generate buzz for your small business, your book or speaking events using your web presence? Would you like to simplify the time spent on updating content, social media profiles, sending emails and generating leads? Did you know there’s an easier way? Join Better Way to […]

Jul 07

Why Content Marketing Fails

Whether you know it or not, if you’ve had any marketing professional advise you on marketing in the last year or two, they probably pointed you in the direction of Content Marketing. It’s a bit of a new term, but it covers a pretty obvious idea, one you see everywhere around you once you know the phrase.