Month: August 2010

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Aug 24

Automatically Add Blog Posts to your Facebook Page

If you’re going to the trouble of writing a blog, you should make sure that it gets as much traction with your audience, whether they prefer to visit you at your blog or elsewhere on the web. Today we’re going to add our blog posts to your Facebook Page (not your personal Profile, but your […]

Tips & Tricks – Allow Fans to Tag Facebook Photos

Ok, so you have a Page on Facebook for your business, and  you’ve made sure that your Fans (people who “Like” your page) can post photos, videos and links to your page. But if you want to allow those lovely people to tag themselves or other people that appear in those photos, for whatever reason, […]

Aug 02

Online Content Marketing Workshop – Aug. 25

Are you an author, expert in your field, or owner of a small business that provides a unique service? By answering “yes” you put yourself in a special category of businesses most likely to find success with online content marketing. Learn how to leverage your unique knowledge to set yourself apart in the marketplace using […]