Month: November 2010

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Nov 22

Jenny Lemmons Magic in San Diego Business Journal

I was pleased to be asked to weigh in as a branding expert on the ROI of paying to display your company name on high-rise buildings and stadiums. They even let me have the last word. “If it conveys credibility and strength and solvency, it could make a big difference if it prevents 2% of […]

Nov 19

Acadia HR

Acadia HR is a payroll, benefits and compliance company with offices in both New York and Texas. For some time, they’ve been handling the bulk of our administrative details so that we can spend more time doing what it is we love – building websites. After several years of using the Acadia HR website, we […]

Nov 12


AirUSA is a U.S. government contractor that provides an impressive array of tactical services to the U.S. Defense Agencies, defense contractors and foreign governments. The pilots trained at Top Gun and fly MiGs on a daily basis… not too shabby. They are the best of the best but haven’t updated their website in quite a […]