Year: 2011

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Dec 29

What is Content Marketing?

I put together a little video earlier this year to help businesses owners understand the role of content marketing and how it can help their bottom line:

Dec 06

Who’s Your Coach? My Secret to Success

If you spent any of this weekend watching college football, you know that much of the halftime talk was about the coaches – who got fired, who’s moving where, who has the ticket to a winning season in their back pocket. No matter how great the players, everyone knows that at least part of the […]

Nov 18

A Brief History of Web Standards

I recently came across this infographic created by Vitamin T and An Event Apart and thought it had a nice smattering of interesting factoids about web standards. One thing that it really made me think about was how the World Wide Web really is still just a toddler in the grand scheme of things. It’s […]