Month: January 2011

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Jan 27

When to Fudge Grammar Rules

I just read a great article called, “When Wrong Grammar is Right” from that makes a great point – when you’re trying to connect with people using the written word, sometimes you have to throw grammar out the window and talk like a person. Spell check may try and stop you from ending a […]

Jan 25

Top Email Campaigns from 2011

Marketing Sherpa just released the annualEmail Marketing Awards 2011 Winners Gallery that features the top campaigns and best results. From the Marketing Sherpa website: “This complimentary PDF includes campaign descriptions, sample emails, loads of results metrics and on-point analysis from this year’s judges. Check out this year’s winners and see how the industry keeps pushing […]

Local Corner Market Rocking Social Media

Small business are often stumped about how they can make social media work for them. Retail and restaurants tend to have the hardest time, tweeting happy hour specials or the latest sale. That’s why I love it when you see one get it absolutely, spot-on right. At C-Town, a corner market in Brooklyn, not only […]