Month: February 2011

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Feb 28

Paymo, better than Basecamp!

At SiteGoals we went from using just email and Google docs (a mess), to Basecamp, which was a huge improvement at the time. Although we still love Basecamp’s simplistic and usable UI, but we always felt like it was lacking some important features. 37Signals is well known for always saying no to new features, so […]

Guide to HTML Email Templates

Creating the HTML and CSS for an email template is a bit like returning to 1998, back when tables, invisible spacer .gifs, and inline styles ruled the land! Due to a combination of security settings and outdated “browsers” inside email clients, there are many CSS attributes that we take for granted today, that simply aren’t […]

Feb 25

Which Side Are You? What Miracle Whip Understands that Most Brands Don’t

I’m completely bowled over by the latest Miracle Whip marketing campaign. Watch this 30-second clip and I’ll tell you why: Have you seen a brand lately that so clearly embraces it’s loyal fans? A brand that not just admits but proudly shouts that they’re not for everyone? A┬ácommercial┬áthat makes you want to stand up and […]