Month: April 2011

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Apr 19

SiteGoals Video Production

Yes, we do that too! At SiteGoals our mantra has always been “Everything Web”, so it’s always a bit of a surprise when clients learn that we also are quite adept at creating engaging videos as well. The good news is that our background actually runs deep when it comes to video and effects production […]

Apr 14

Content Marketing Moment: Allstate

I often get asked for great examples of content marketing, and today I found one in my mailbox. I just moved back to Texas and in the packet with my new Allstate Auto policy information was this handy little guide titled, “What to Do in Case of an Accident.” Because, let’s face it, a checklist […]

Apr 12

Humans(.txt) vs. Robots(.txt)

A quick guide on how to create and use humans.txt, an alternative way to give credit to everyone involved in building a website.