Month: November 2011

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Nov 18

A Brief History of Web Standards

I recently came across this infographic created by Vitamin T and An Event Apart and thought it had a nice smattering of interesting factoids about web standards. One thing that it really made me think about was how the World Wide Web really is still just a toddler in the grand scheme of things. It’s […]

Nov 15

History of Content Marketing in 3 Minutes

Everyone who works with me or hears me speak will at some point get referred to the Content Marketing Institute¬†– I really consider it the definitive source for clear, action-oriented advice on how to target your audience and write content that will attract, engage and endear them to your brand. (disclaimer: I’m a CMI¬†contributor) If […]

Nov 14

Our Favorite Project Tools

If you work in web development, or anywhere near it, you’ve probably heard of Basecamp, maybe even used it for a project or two. Created by the infamous 37signals, Basecamp is a “Project Management Software as a Service” (SaaS). Type that phrase into Google and you’ll get at least 80 million results. When Basecamp first […]