Month: June 2012

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Jun 29

Five Reasons Why Marketers Should Care About Stories

This delightful blog popped into the inbox today.  It’s about the value of story. If you think about it, people have been using story to convey history, inspiration, and education since the beginning of time. You can probably trace a lot of your own life lessons to fables: The Boy Who Cried Wolf,  The Ginger […]

Jun 27

Smaller, Smaller, Gone… Responsive Design & Content

I went to a meeting yesterday of the Austin Web Developer Lunch where the discussion was Responsive Design.  In other words, how do you make a website that somebody can happily look at on his big screen TV and also on his iPhone? It was pretty innovative, the way the right coding makes elements disappear […]

Jun 04

Can’t-Miss Event: Content Marketing World 2012

More bang for your buck!  That seems to be the siren call for businesses and individuals alike as we slowly climb out of the shaky economy of the last few years.  So, why would  your company want to spend hard earned money on a trip to another conference? Because this is not just another conference […]