Month: August 2012

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Aug 21

The Art of Logo Design

Ever wonder how much thought and creativity goes into creating a logo?  People spend so much time thinking about their logos large and small and it is truly is an art form.  This clip from the PBS Off Book series looks into the amazing world of logo design. The Art of Logo Design

Aug 15

Social Media for “Boring” Businesses – Austin Content Marketing Meetup 8/24

Social media is a great way to drive engagement and find new customers, but what if you’re running a “boring” business? If your business doesn’t have obvious social media appeal, taking advantage of these opportunities can be a big challenge. Join us Friday, August 24th as we interview David Vogelpohl, founder and CEO of Marketing Clique, to talk […]

Aug 13

The Customer Creation Equation – Free Chapter

 I am so excited to get my hands on a copy of this new book by my colleague and co-speaker at Content Marketing World, the famous Conversion Scientist Brian Massey. Brian does a phenomenal job of blending real case studies and data with a down-to-earth approach and a fantastic sense of humor. This book is […]