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Jul 18

Don’t Let Your Brand’s Social Media ROI Keep You Up At Night

Return on investment. It is the driving force of a brand’s expenditures on ads, media, PR, and social media. Brands such as MasterCard, Nissan, and Coca-Cola can’t specifically tie investments in social media to be a causal factor to increases in the bottom line. So why do it? Jack Marshall of Digiday discusses in his […]

Jul 15

Death to “Lorem Ipsum”: Putting Content First When Redesigning Your Website

It is time to rebuild your website. Wireframes are built. Color schemes and fonts decided on. Widgets are tinkered with. Finally when it comes time to launch there is a mad scramble to input content into a site not designed for the messaging. The website goes over-budget and under-perfoms. Jenny Magic, ¬†our VP of Content […]