Month: September 2013

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Sep 27

Odd & Awesome: Week 5

Welcome to week 5 of Odd & Awesome. Breaking Bad’s series finale is this Sunday so in honor of one of the greatest shows on television this week’s episode is dedicated to the memes, GIFs, and digital creations honoring the characters of Breaking Bad. Enjoy, because Heisenberg said so. Breaking Bad: The RPG College Humor […]

Sep 24

Lessons From Brand Ad Fails

In today’s climate of likes, shares, followers and going viral brands will go to great lengths to get “internet buzz.” In the quest for popularity sometimes mistakes are made due to context, design, timing, or not understanding/predicting how the audience will react. Let’s take a look at a few recent fails to see what went […]

Sep 23

It’s Almost Moving Day

SiteGoals has been calling Downtown Austin home for the last few years. We have expanded our team and continue to grow as a company. Soon it became clear we needed a little more room or tiny desks. This week our new office is being completed in North Austin and all of us here could not […]