Month: October 2013

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Oct 25

Creative Mornings: Play with Mikal Hart

Today at the Capital Factory in downtown Austin Mikal Hart discussed his “quest poetry” for the Creative Mornings speaker series. These quests involve taking a box equipped with a GPS transmitter to a specific location(s) so it can be opened to revel what is inside. His reverse geocache puzzle boxes have become a popular way […]

Odd & Awesome: Week 9 – Halloween Spooktacular!

Halloween is upon us. This week’s Odd & Awesome is dedicated to the last day of October. So many great costumes, videos, and stories have been posted over the years it was hard to choose. After getting your yearly fix on Michael Jackson’s Thriller¬†check out this week’s chosen haunts! This Costume > Your Costume Royce […]

Oct 24

An Infographic On Getting Responsive Web Design Right

Your website is being viewed by mobile devices. Did you know that 74% of mobile visitors will abandon a site if it takes more than five seconds to access? Here is a great infographic on getting responsive web design right. Full article from “Who Is Hosting This?”¬†here. Responsive Design: Getting It Right Infographic