Month: January 2014

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Jan 31

Odd & Awesome: Commercials of the Super Bowl

It’s that time of year. Super Bowl XLVIII. The big game. Maybe your favorite team is playing. Maybe not. One thing is certain and that the big advertisers are playing for your attention and have that come up with some great and not-so great ads. Doritos had a competition again this year letting you vote […]

Jan 30

What Does Aspirin and Digital Design Have In Common?

Designer Frank Chimero purchased aspirin and noticed the pills were smaller than he remembered. Upon researching it on the internet he discovered that the pharmaceutical companies have been able to improve it so much that the amount of aspirin in a pill is so minuscule you need to pad it with filler just so you […]

Jan 24

Odd & Awesome: January 24th

Welcome back to Odd & Awesome where each week we post some unique internet finds. This week we could have dedicated a whole page to Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks but this version of his Gmail account pretty much covers it. Be sure to check back next week for our Odd & Awesome: Commercials […]