Month: February 2014

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Feb 26

20 Years of SXSW Interactive: Success By Passion

2014 marks my 18th SXSW but SXSW Interactive is celebrating its 20th year. Back in October a writer for Fast Company contacted me to tell some stories of past experiences (mainly iPad 2 and the Apple pop up store) over the years for their oral history (excerpt here) they will be presenting. The conversation brought a […]

Feb 21

SiteGoals Took It to Eleven In Our New Offices

2014 marks the beginning of eleven years for SiteGoals. This week we showed off our new offices with a party that took it to the next level. Minds were blown by magician Brad Henderson and More Cowbell rocked the crowd. Check out the pictures below to see the experience of taking it to ELEVEN!  Special […]

Feb 13

Hoth Olympics GIF Wins The Internet

This GIF posted to Reddit by oPHILcial has become a favorite in a Winter Olympics filled with crashes and injuries. What really adds to the fun is the Star Wars based commentary added on the original Reddit posting. You can read that here. Update: The video that made the GIF