Month: May 2014

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May 21

SiteGoals’ Inaugural Pixelwood Derby

The first Pinewood Derby was held in 1953 with miniature cars made of from a small pine block with wheels attached by small finishing nails. On Thursday, June 26th, SiteGoals will host the inaugural Pixelwood Derby in the same tradition as over  fifty years ago, but taking it to the next level. Twenty-seven creative agencies and […]

May 06

Contenders In The Wearables Race Before Apple Enters

Wearables. It’s all the rage right now. Google, Nike, Samsung, Jawbone, Pebble, and Fitbit are just a few of the companies that have thrown their hat in the ring to be the leading innovator in what is expected to be the next evolution in computing. Google Glass has garnered more negative attention than anything (can you […]