Oct 27

SiteGoals takes on the #ATXPumpkinChallenge

SiteGoals #ATXPumpkinChallenge
Please vote for our pumpkin daily until Halloween!

planningSiteGoals was invited to participate in Vitamin T’s #ATXPumpkinChallenge. Various agencies around Austin were selected to use their skills and drills to submit a photo of any pumpkin carving or scene. We never back down from a challenge, especially when it gets our creative juices flowing. Over the course of the next week, the giant robot pumpkin took over our office as we planned and produced our vision.

Fueled with pizza and beer, the team decided to stay a few nights after business hours to complete the pumpkin. Every single person had a hand in helping create this disaster scene. Hand-painted backdrops, Poly-fill clouds hanging from a fishing line, 3-dimensional cityscape, Arduino-powered lighting control system, a laser, two fog machines, and the pumpkin equipped with conduit and copper wire armature added up to around 100 hours of work. The scene was shot with a Canon t5i with a 24mm TS-E (Tilt-Shift) lens for forced perspective.


We went completely old school. The entire image was created in-camera. That’s right, no Photoshop or post production. What you’re seeing is what we created by hand. Some might say we were gods that day.

Please vote for our pumpkin daily from October 27th – October 31st on Vitamin T’s Facebook Poll!

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