Dec 05

PRESS: Jenny Magic Speaks at Content Marketing World

Photo courtesy of CMW
Photo courtesy of CMW

Earlier this year, Jenny Magic ventured all the way up to Cleveland for a few days to speak at Content Marketing World 2014. Some of the key issues the conference aimed to tackle were audience engagement, content overload, and conversion. How can messaging stand out among all the content bombarding your target users? Jenny partnered with Melissa Breker, Founding Partner of Content Strategy Inc. to present a talk on adaptive content.

The speaking engagement, “Getting Started with Adaptive Content – Collaborate With Your Tech Team Using Exiting Tech Tools,” is featured on CMW’s recap blog. Jenny and Melissa presented various points with the ultimate conclusion that you don’t have to use complicated technical tools to start personalizing content for big impact.  Jenny said during the presentation,”At a very base level, even if you’re not willing or able to take a big leap into new technology, you can use the user-agent string that the browser delivers about every single visitor that comes to your website.” If you can view information like IP address, geographical location, or device use, you can begin to engineer tailored content.

Aligning content with your audience with these customized settings is the most important part of successful adaptive content. You have to understand what your audience will find useful and then customize the experience for them. Examples of this are custom welcome screens for returning visitors, imagery targeted to the persona based on browsing patterns, location-centered resources, and customized product selection. Breker mentions “matching customers to content” for greatest success. As sophisticated internet users, we no longer care who created the content; we want the content created for us.

Read the full recap on the Content Marketing World blog: Getting Started with Adaptive Content [#CMWorld Recap].


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